Socialità e cervello sociale ai tempi del Covid-19
Sociality and social brain in the time of the Covid-19

published in January - June 2020 - pH - issue n.1
Alessandro Sale

“Man is by nature a social animal” wrote the Greek philosopher Aristotle in his famous Politics, an animal characterized by a marked tendency to aggregate with other individuals and to form a society. Human sociality is evident at the anthropological, sociological and ethological level. Throughout history, everything about the life of human populations spread in the most varied regions of the planet speaks to us of an impulsion towards organized aggregation. On an evolutionary level, in the sociality of Homo sapiens is hidden a certainly significant part of the secret of its success, its ability to spread and prosper in extreme environments, the attitude to respond to the challenges of existence with extraordinary adaptability. A general proof of this is the importance of the invention of language, a very effective tool to encode and convey information among members of the same group, in a socially organized community.