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Edi.Ermes is a publishing house in Milan (Italy), founded in the early 70s, specializing in medical and scientific publications at various levels, from texts for university students to professional books: this production places Edi.Ermes among the main Italian medical-scientific publishers.

The catalog has been enriched over the years by numerous specialized texts in both academic - from Physiology to Anatomy, from Histology to Biology and Chemistry - and professional sectors for physicians and healthcare workers. Some of our texts have met interest from foreign publishers who have acquired the rights for translations and distribution in specific areas of competence. In addition to the Italian language, Edi.Ermes itself publishes books in English, Spanish and French.

These experiences are accompanied by their own activities in the journalism sector, with the pH, Sport&Medicina, and Il Fisioterapista and in the field of both residential and distance learning within the CME program of the Ministry of Health.

The deep roots in the Italian scientific world, the over forty-year experience of scientific and technical communication at different levels, the tenacity in pursuing the path of independent and high-quality publishing belong together with the seriousness of the entrepreneurial commitment towards Authors and Readers.