“Diverse voci fanno dolci note”: un viaggio darwiniano nella natura delle specie musicali
“Differing voices join to sound sweet music”: a Darwin’s journey around the nature of musical species

published in January - June 2023 - pH - issue n.1
Luigi Dei

2021 is the year of the seven hundredth anniversary of the death of the great Italian poet Dante Alighieri and the inspiration for this article was born from one of his quotations, in particular from the Paradise canticle, 6th Canto, verse 124: “Differing voices join to sound sweet music”. According to Dante, the differing voices are the different grades of beatitude achieved by the souls in the Paradise in relationship to the type of the beneficial works carried out in earthly life. Indeed, the triplet reads: “Differing voices join to sound sweet music;/ so do the different orders in our life/render sweet harmony among these spheres” (Alighieri, 2019). In the frame of the present contribution the differing voices will be the phantasmagorical variety of the world of music revisited aboard a new Beagle sailing ship together with the helmsman Charles Darwin. We will make a journey not around the geographic space to circumnavigate our planet, but rather around the time going away and back to accurately observe – better to listen to – the evolution of the musical species.