La matematica come crocevia tra le arti figurative e la musica
Mathematics as a crossroads between visual arts and music

published in January - June 2023 - pH - issue n.1
Enrico Cherubini, Costanza Cenerini, Flavio Keller

The link between science and art emerges throughout history as a manifestation of abstract and symbolic thinking by homo sapiens in an attempt to provide a rational representation of the world around him. The same spirit of observation and curiosity that unites artists and scientists leads to the intuition that underlies creativity. In science, intuition is validated using Galileo’s experimental or hypothetical-deductive method, which follows a mathematical logic, linked to principles of harmony and proportion. This concept, known since the origin of abstract thought, when our ancestors started to paint cave walls and carve figures in stone, was later elaborated by the Greeks and taken up by the Renaissance.