Riproducibilità dei dati scientifici: una faccenda molto, molto complicata
The reproducibility of scientific data: a quite messy matter

published in January - June 2023 - pH - issue n.1
Davide Lovisolo

Reproducibility (i.e. the possibility of replicating a scientific result when the experiments are repeated by a different research team) is considered one of the pillars that legitimate the status of science. Actually, the alternate word replicability is used in many instances, generating considerable confusion in the scientific literature. The Scientific Academies of the USA (2019) have issued a paper that aims to clarify the point: “in its conclusions it is stated that reproducibility stands for obtaining the same results using the same input data, computational approaches, methods, codes and analytical procedures; replicability stands for obtaining concording results from studies aimed at solving the same scientific problem based on a different set of data”. Whatever the definition, the goal is to guarantee the results are reliable and universally useable.