Le macchine anatomiche della Cappella Sansevero
The Anatomical Machines of the Sansevero Chapel

published in July - December 2013 - pH - issue n.2
Espedita Muscariello, Antonio Colantuoni

In the middle of ancient Naples, walking on Via Mezzocannone, along the left side of the historical “Federico II” University of Naples main building, one can reach the famous San Domenico Maggiore square, where is located the Basilica dedicated to San Domenico. This is one of the wonderful public squares in Naples, with the pinnacle of San Domenico in the center, deliberated by a popular ballot in 1656 during the plague. The pinnacle construction began in 1658 on the design of Francesco Antonio Picchiatti (1617-1694) and was finished by Domenico Antonio Vaccaro (1678-1745) in 1737: the obelisk is decorated by medallions of Dominican Saints, while on the top stands out San Domenico’s statue.