Spoof science: a user’s manual From Asimov to Perec
published in July - December 2022 - pH - issue n.2
Massimo Reconditi, Chiara Tesi

Spoof science is a literary genre that is not too widespread, and very heterogeneous, but with truly enjoyable examples. The scarce diffusion is probably due to the fact that it is appreciated almost only by the scientists themselves (and not all of them!) and by a few other enthusiasts with a minimum of scientific culture, unfortunately not very widespread in Italy. An attempt to bring scientific satire to a wider audience was represented by the Journal of Irreproducible Results (JIR), with the first issue published in 1955 and then continuously for about 40 years, after which publication was discontinued. However, the attempt to reach a wider audience has certainly been successful: among its readers it can also include members of Al Qaeda.