Sull’insegnamento della fisiologia nelle scuole di medicina
On teaching physiology in Medical Schools

published in July - December 2023 - pH - issue n.2
Guido Ferretti

The teaching of physiology in Medical Schools experiences complex times, characterised by partially intersecting topological planes that took form along with the evolution of medical science in the last 50 years. Several factors, with variable incidence, have contributed to the current shaping of physiological teaching, among which some of the most significant are i) the gigantic evolution of physiological knowledge with time, ii) the technological developments related to medicine, and iii) the axioms, that a large fraction of those active in basic medical sciences consider false, wherefrom several clinicians look at the cultural competence that is necessary to the training of new medical doctors. To these, at least in the Italian context, we should add iv) some shortsightedness, and thus some neglect, by Italian physiologists before the changes that were taking form.