Capire le emozioni umane del passato
Understanding human emotions of the past

published in January - June 2020 - pH - issue n.1
Federica Benedetti

Neuroarchaeology is quite a recent discipline, developed over the first decade of this century, which embraces different topics and different approaches, ranging from archaeology to neuroscience and from anthropology to behavioural sciences. The very idea at the core of neuroarchaeology is to understand the human brain and behaviour of the past, ranging from very ancient human societies to relatively more recent times. It goes without saying that, to do this, archaeological finds represent the crucial elements from which one can extrapolate information about what is behind the find itself. Indeed, there is a lot behind it: the person who made it, her/his behaviour and emotions, her/his creativity, ingenuity and cleverness, as well as her/his skilfulness.